Budgeting for your twenties

Everybody experiences their twenties differently. For me my twenties were about building up a solid foundation for my career and learning how to properly adult. One of the most adult things i needed to learn was managing my cash. These are the essentials tricks I kept up my sleeve to manage my budget.

Recognizing cries for help

I have had the luck to have loved ones, friends and family, who noticed these signs and chose to love me harder instead of letting go or ignoring them. I want to share some of these so that others could recognize struggling souls and give them a little bit more love.

4 houseplants i managed to kill

If I could manage to keep my plants alive I would turn into a crazy plantlady. For those of us who have not been blessed with a green thumb, these are 4 hard to kill plants and how to keep them alive.

Going Natural: The Unexpected

Inspired by the latest trend in going natural and a newfound confidence I decided to take the leap and (slight) chop. This journey has been full of expected and unexpected turns. I prepared for transition hairstyles but not for these lessons

New years resolutions: what works and what doesn’t

I’ve often made great, achievable new years resolutions I didn’t remember by July. That’s because like most people, I treated the start of a new year as a blank slate on which I expected to get everything done. Habits, thoughts and daily actions however, don’t run on a 365 day cycle that can be wiped…

5 places to get LUNCH in Paramaribo

I am generally someone who loves to eat a homemade lunch. On the occasion where eat out i would like to get a decent bang for my buck and these five next places really hit the sweet spot.

5 Apps to organize your life

I’m going to be honest and say that my life is a hectic mess. I have little to no time to keep track of my expenses, periods and to-do’s. With the advice of some friends and a little digging i found some great apps to help me manage these little, yet trivial elements. These are…

Healthy Breakfast Options

Some of us have the luxury or the discipline to prepare healthy meals before leaving home. I belong to the other part that scrambles out of bed and grasps for the quickest and tastiest option they can find. Lately, i have been experimenting with some healthier options.┬áThese are my healthy breakfast favorites for days when…

10 Favorite Blogs for Young Women

When done right, blogs can function as support systems. A lot of these blogs answered the questions i was afraid to ask, made me feel like i was not alone and ultimately helped me deal with the new challenges as a twenty-something. These are my 10 favorite blogs, i hope they give you as much…