5 places to get LUNCH in Paramaribo

I am generally someone who loves to eat a homemade lunch. On the occasion where eat out i would like to get a decent bang for my buck and these five next places really hit the sweet spot.

Oso Nyang

The name of the restaurant roughly means “Food from Home” which generally describes its menu. The soups, mixed rice and veggies are a mix and match of the most eaten foods in Suriname. Their spicy chicken is amongst one of my favorites (mine and a lot of others too because it’s often sold out)


Souposo has been a hidden gem hidden in the middle of the city. Even though the restaurant is famous for it’s signature soups it’s got so much more to offer such as their salads and cocktails. ( Life tip: Limit the amount of cocktails if you need to return to work after lunch)
My recommendation is to try their soup of the day!

Rutu by Chef Thro

Sometimes i can’t wait until dinner for my steak. When that happens, i order at Rutu. Their kitchen takes well known western dishes and gives them the Caribbean seasoning we need. 
My advice: Their menu is constantly being updated so look at the pictures and order the one that makes you drool the most. 

Joey D’s

Even though it’s primarily focused on takeout orders, this place has grown immensely in the last 3 years. I love their menu because i can get a full meal for any budget. My favorites are The Spicy Crunchy monster and their Fresh Garden Salad. 
Tip: make sure you call to place your order on time! 

All time favorite: 597 Safri

At some point in your life, you come across a meal that will give you goosebumps. The food i had at 597 Safri did just that. This has, by far, been the tastiest lunch i have had in Suriname.
I am still having daydreams about their Surf & Turf burger. 
When it comes to stars, i’m giving this place a 10 out of 10!

Do you have any more lunch favorites in Suriname? 
We would love to head which so we can try them out too! 


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